to build creative and dynamic maps

The intention of geo.Zpheres is

build creative and dynamic maps

geo.zpheres allows the transformation of geographic paths into any desired form – while keeping the reference to the original geographic data. By creating a transformed data model (generated with geo.zpheres) in parallel to the geographic paths, geo.zpheres can show real-time objects running on the schematic paths. In addition, intuitive transformations can be generated which transform the original geographic data into the schematic shape.


geo.zpheres allows the transformation geographic paths into the desired form

geo.zpheres can be used where it might be helpful to visualise geographic information in a schematic way

Opinions on geo.zpheres

"The visualisations of geo.zpheres are amazing and are so easy to understand"
Armin Meier, former Cycling Pro
"Finally maps made for humans. The idea of geo.zpheres is the future of digital maps."
Jug Cerovic
Architect and designer
"geo.zpheres visualisations allow a form of map digitalisation we have been waiting for a long time."
Keith Elliott
Former ITS and way finding expert at TFL(London)


In transportation often logical diagrams are being used to present the tracks and paths to the users. There’s a reason why major cities (such as London) have created schematic maps to show the metro and bus networks. With geo.zpheres you generate linear or other schematic diagrams and map dynamic information on it.

Representation of context & relations
Bus network in Schaffhausen, Switzerland
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Visualising “Special Situations”
Bus network in Zürich, Switzerland
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Transfers and Interchanges
Bus network in Schaffhausen, Switzerland
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Bending reality (Distortion & Abstarction)
Santa Clara County, USA
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Representation of context & relations
Challenge: By using Linear Diagrams (with information on neighbouring services ) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) users need abstract thinking and will have difficulty determining the context.  Understanding relationships with surrounding services will be problematic.

geo.zpheres technology: Provides intuitive network overviews to deliver context of the entire situation. Situational views provide relations between routes

Visualising “Special Situations”
Challenge: Often “book-marked” GIS representations are being used. However pure geographic views are often too complex and do not have the ability to distort reality to represent a desired area or situation.

geo.zpheres technology: Schematic maps allow the user to show overlapping information “side by side”. Distances can be altered as needed to act as “magnifiers”. Therefore complex situations can be visualised in a user friendly & intuitive way.

Transfers and Interchanges
Challenge: Transfers are by nature complex and involve more than one path. 
Transfers are managed with data shown in tables – GIS views are sometimes used – but they have massive limitations: If more than 2 vehicles are involved it becomes almost impossible to visualize this in an understandable way.

geo.zpheres technology: Schematic views allow to display multiple paths in the desired format. This can be a simple view:

Bending reality (Distortion & Abstraction)
Challenge: Route diagrams allow distortion . But only in one dimension – and without context information. GIS do not allow distortion at all.

geo.zpheres technology: A strength of schematic maps is the possibility to “bend the geographic truth”. Schematic views provide distortion and abstraction without limits!!
This can be extremely helpful to “zoom” into situations or to separate the important from the noise. 
Using geo.zpheres, you can display condensed information (e.g. City Center) in a larger way and compress long distances into smaller ones – whatever you feel is necessary to display the information.

Sport / Media

Running events, Triathlons, Bicycle Races and many more. Often the pure geographic representation simply is not good enough! Just imagine a race which runs on a circular track… With geo.zpheres you can convert the race track into more logical shapes.

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